Motoring World|December 2021
Volvo's updated its S90 sedan with more features, design tweaks, and a mild-hybrid petrol engine. Is it a match for the German luxe brands?
Rivan RS

Volvo India is slowly but surely filling out its portfolio, bringing back models that were on sale with a diesel engine prior to BS6 norms kicking in. The latest to arrive is the Swedish brand's flagship sedan, the S90. The optimal left-field option, especially when one considers its competition is primarily German, the Volvo S90 has always been a good-looking sedan and that's not changed. Sure, you do get some subtle cosmetic changes such as the new front grille with vertical chrome slats, a new emblem, along with a reworked front bumper that features a chrome strip near the bottom. These don't take away from the svelte Volvo design details but, honestly, don't add much more either.

Nonetheless, there's an elegance to the S90's styling that is as pleasing as before. However, when viewed dead-on from the front or the rear, the S90 does look stretched width-wise. This feeling is further accentuated by the slim, Thor's Hammer' headlights, and the elongated, C-shaped tail-lights. The impression that it's hunkered down low is prominent when viewed from the side and the slim 245/45 tyres and stylish 18-inch alloys just add to that notion.

That the exhaust cans are hidden is a nice touch, and accentuates how you barely hear a blip out of the engine on start up. There's nary a rumble nor a grumble from the 1969cc four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine even as you set-off, though, you'll definitely hear a rather sporty engine note as the revs get higher. But, more on that later.

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