Motoring World|December 2021
Audi's sporty RS5 gets two more doors and more power. And we love it!
Janak Sorap

If I had to pick one car from the Audi stable that I'd want to own someday, it'd be the S5 Sportback. Back in 2018, I had that sleeper sedan for enough time to have practically lived with it, and it was the exact manifestation of what I enjoy the most in a car - handling. And all of it was down to the quattro system that I got to experience in all its glory. Previously, I'd also driven the RS5 Coupe, but despite the extra power and all the grip at its disposal, it didn't really do it for me. The sole reason for that was the ride quality, as one could feel each and every pebble cut through the seat even in the plushest suspension setting.

The reason I have mentioned all of the above is because the RS5 you see here, gleaming in that beautiful Sonoma Green, is no longer a two-door coupe but a four-door Sportback. To make sense of it, this makes the RS5 Sportback a faster and sportier version of the S5 Sportback. And that is exactly how it turned out, a heightened experience with more power, more electronics to exploit that, and complete with a more aggressive design.

I am a sucker for sedans and the proportions of the RS5 are just spot on. Yes, it probably has the same silhouette as the S5, but every line and crease seems so pronounced that it makes the car look more menacing. The bumpers have a very aggressive look with lots of grilles to vent air into the motor and also to the brakes for cooling. The car gets the latest headlamps featuring Audi's new LED signature DRL design. The same treatment has been done for the tail lamps, too. The car sits on 19-inch alloys due to which I had already started to mentally prepare for a harsh ride similar to my last experience. But I was soon proven wrong.

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