MOTOR Magazine Australia|July 2021
New metal! How does 351kW of atmo V8 grab you?

I DON’T LIKE TO think of myself as a superstitious person, but do you ever listen to an inner voice for no particular reason? Here I was, at a friend’s private track day at Haunted Hills with a Lexus LC500. I’d driven one around the circuit before, sliding it about for a photographer’s camera, but today I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead of going for a drive around the circuit, I took a few pictures to pass time, chatted with some of the drivers, and kicked back.

The LC500 definitely has that laidback side to its character. You might well recognize this newest arrival in the MOTOR garage from a three-car comparison in the May issue, which the Lexus won. I was so taken with the car that I managed to twist the importer’s arm to let us sample it for a longer-term. I also knew that, unlike the IS350 F Sport that I returned last month, the lower-slung LC would, weirdly, make it up my drive and into the garage without ever scratching its chin.

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