MOTOR Magazine Australia|July 2021
Ubiquitous question gains a rather apt response

“SO, WHAT’S IT like?” It’s been a common question during my time with the Kia Stinger and it’s easily answered. “It’s good…” I say, but it’s a reply that is usually met with a somewhat crestfallen look – it seems the enquirer is usually expecting something better than ‘good’. There’s nothing wrong with good, for the Stinger has plenty of attractive qualities, but whats holding it back from being excellent or even truly great? Stay tuned.

Last month’s brief circuit outing was instructive in examining how the Stinger behaves at the limit, but it’s not a car intended for track use so its road manners are far more important. I covered off its everyday abilities in update two, but some longer trips on more interesting roads have played to the Stinger’s strengths in some regards and exposed its weaknesses in others.

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