MOTOR Magazine Australia|December 2021
‘Genny’ from the block heads beyond the inner city

THANKS TO A combination of lockdowns, travel restrictions and a fairly hectic work schedule, the G70’s use has primarily been limited to urban or daily duties, bar last month’s. This has been instructive in its own way, but finally a chance presented itself to stretch the Genesis’ legs on a proper drive with some decent corners.

A few chances, in fact, and in the last month I’ve driven the ‘Genny’ on track in the wet and the dry as well as on a couple of good roads that proved a stern test of its chassis. To recap, the G70 isn’t just a Stinger with a different badge, but is 145mm shorter in length, 20mm narrower and has a 70mm shorter wheelbase, as well as weighing slightly less. That suggests it should be the more agile of the two, but theory is one thing, practice is quite another.

Let’s deal with the track stuff quickly, before moving on to the more relevant road assessment. To be clear, the Genesis G70 is not in any way a track car, nor is it intended to be.

Nevertheless, while filming at Bryant Park hillclimb it seemed rude not to poke the G70 slightly and see what it was like at its limit. In the wet, frankly, it was a bit alarming, but partly due to my own ignorance.

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