Drive!|October 2020
POL’s ’67 C10
Jason R. Sakurai
PERFORMANCE Online, or POL for short, has been in the business of building and restoring custom and classic cars for over 30 years, and selling high-quality performance products. Renowned for their love old GM vehicles, along with Fords, Mercurys and Mopars, the POL crew specializes in helping customers restore their classic cars and trucks.

Located in Corona, California, POL is no stranger to building vehicles that showcase their products, including a ’66 Nova, ’68 Chevelle and a ’63 Impala, just to name a few. The company’s Western Chassis subsidiary has expertise developing suspension and brake parts through years of drag racing, manufacturing and working with CAD software. POL designs products for maximum strength and durability while keeping them affordable. What makes Performance Online different is their experience and reputation among suspension specialists.

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