Project Obsessed
Diesel World|March 2020
Part four: Horsepower. Finally.

Now into month 6 of ownership of this classic old body style 227,000 mile Ford F350 and we’re starting on the fourth installment of the project build up we plan to fill quite a few issues of Diesel World with. We started this build in hopes of making some great content on some of the ins and outs of these old 7.3L Power Strokes. Show of some of their strengths, point out some of the weaknesses, and help you guys, like us, that still have a weakness for these old trucks. Sure, they’re a little outdated, but they can still be great trucks, with the right amount of love and attention. No, they don’t make the power new trucks do. Yes, they run a little on the loud side compared to a new truck. And No, they don’t ride like new coil sprung and air bagged trucks do. But we know there are plenty of guys out there that just love these OBS Fords, it’s a nostalgic truck that just won’t ever go out of style. So why not appreciate that about them and build something unique and classic, instead of just another 2018 showroom floor model with some shiny wheels and stretched tires.

In part one, we worked on some cosmetics, updating the front end with new lights, chrome, and grille. Part two brought interior upgrades with a new dash, some sill plates, and door hinge repairs. Part three was basic repairs like fixing a leaky oil dipstick, installing an in-cab monitor and cold air intake. So finally, in part four we’re going to focus on bumping up that factory 225hp flywheel rating to something that could help get this land yacht down the road with some decent drivability and acceleration.


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