VW Golf VR6 (1993-'96)
CAR|January 2022
Forget GTI
Peter Palm
Model: VW Golf VR6
0 to 100 km/h: 7,98 seconds

Top speed: 222 km/h

Fuel cons: 9,30 L/100 km (at 100 km/h)

Price: R112 533

CAR test: October 1993 (also ABT/SAC VR6, April 1996 and technical article, Sept 1993)

The third generation ofGolf offered improved safety, space and solidity but gained some weight. The GTI had 80 kW with its zero to 100 km/h time a disappointingly sluggish 11,4 seconds. What the brand needed was a real firecracker. Enter the VR6. Just like our pre-launch drive of the Golf 8 GTI in October, CAR magazine’s two-week test back in August 1993 was with a preproduction unit and keeping it out of sight of the VW paparazzi was a mission, even with the badges covered with duct tape.


In the 1990s, environmental and safety concerns made their way into car design. Crumple zones, side-impact bars, stronger unitary construction, anti-lock braking and airbags were being developed and all added mass. This led to the desire for more power to maintain performance levels. Although sporty, the VR6 still transported five occupants and 240 L of luggage with a utility space of 912 L after folding the rear seats flat. This made it a true driver’s as well as a family car.

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