Home is Where the Heart Is
JUXTAPOZ|Winter 2021
Arinze Stanley is Staying in Nigeria

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it since November 2016, or had friends voice the same thought, but there has been a major sentiment among many who have discussed moving out of the United States for the greener pastures of Canada, Sweden or, in my case, the Japanese countryside. We consider these things in the face of adversity and in times of absurdity, given this country’s turmoil. “I’ve had it!” “There’s no hope!” Change is sought overnight, not in measured steps that can take decades to formulate. The last four years in the USA (and to an extent the UK) have been shocking and eye-opening culturally and politically, and the desire to extricate oneself from the scenario and start anew, minus the cultural baggage, can feel like the only rational decision.

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