Children's literature – Six-Pack
JUXTAPOZ|Winter 2021
Scott Hobbs Bourne Proposes An Act Of Imagination

Scott Bourne has worn a myriad of hats in his lifetime: professional skateboarder, magazine columnist, skate company owner, writer, poet, model—and he can now add author of children’s books to that growing list. His new project, An Act of Imagination, is a collection of poetry for kids, with illustrations by Todd Bratrud, a titan in the world of skate graphics. I hit Scott up for a quick six-pack to get the scoop on this latest endeavor.

Michael Sieben: An Act of Imagination clearly draws inspiration from Shel Silverstein. Did you grow up on his books, and have you read them to your children?

Scott Bourne: Yes, yes, and yes one more time! For me, Shel brought poetry; he introduced me to poetry. Before Shel, there was no such thing as poetry for children. Poetry was totally and completely adult stuff.

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