Blair Atherholt – Precision in Painting
International Artist|August - September 2020
Skillfully executing still lifes allows Blair Atherholt to elevate the objects depicted to new levels

Prelude, oil, 12 x 24½ (30 x 62 cm)

I’ve always loved paintings that depict painting, artwork, and the artistic process. As I developed the concept for Prelude, I sought to emphasize the dramatic arc of a fully-loaded palette, ready to take on a day in the studio. That sweeping crescent creates such a dynamic flow in this horizontal composition and is further emphasized by the progression of light and color of the paints

My painting style has always been very direct. I approach every aspect of a painting with the intention of producing the result in each brushstroke. The challenge of capturing a subject with spirited yet accurate brushstrokes can bring freshness to a painting, which is difficult to find in works produced using other techniques. This style has appealed to me since my first days in art school. The painting process becomes a rhythm of careful observation, on-the-spot paint mixing, and confident execution. The flow of this process, if utilized correctly, lends an extremely efficient approach to even the toughest compositions and subjects.

I find myself continually intrigued by eye-level compositions. The graphic, though somewhat limited, nature of this perspective really lends itself to the bold style I prefer. Because of this, my work tends to rely heavily on triangular motifs within compositions, the innate strength of which can open the door to some striking designs if employed properly.

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