Miss Haiti Universe Raquel Pelissier Comes To Florida
CREATIV MAGAZINE |December 2016 - January 2017

Before she was celebrated as Haiti’s heroine, before she was celebrated around the world, before she became first runner up of the 65th edition of Miss Universe, she was here with us in Miami, greeting her fans and spreading love to every soul that would listen.

We have been privileged to be among the few to have met Miss Haiti in transition to the Philippines. Raquel Pelissier took the decision early last year to represent her country on a platform viewed around the world, The 65th Miss Universe Pageant. Raquel is 25 years old with a degree in Optometry and pursuing a master’s degree in scientific research. Her love for her country pushed her to participate the Miss Universe Pageant, a life long dream of hers that she was able to strike off her bucket list.

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