CREATIV MAGAZINE |December 2016 - January 2017


Remember the name, Jose Pagãn. He is a fashion and fine art photographer based in New York City. Let me start by saying art is his lifeblood.

“It is the type of work I can lose myself to when I’m working late at night.”

He states. He remembers being creative at a young age and always looking to make new things out of old things with his hands. In 2005, he realized that he could still create things but in a different way. He then saw the camera as my new tool to help him create the images that come to mind.

“My beautiful wife became my first official muse for my artistic adventure. She helped me fine-tune my connection with the camera to launch my first fine art nude photography project called the Blacklight Photo Experiment. For five years and over 11,000 images I captured people from all walks of life to create an art project that celebrated the human form and spirit. This project not only let me translate the creative instructions I received but it also let me connect with my muses on a personal level and in most times helped them overcome personal bound areas by giving them a creative outlet to be themselves.”

Jose describes the process of his creations and how this work of art came to life:

When I sought to create art I told myself that I wasn’t going to do easy projects. I wanted to challenge myself in anything I do. For example, in the Blacklight Experiment I wanted to capture detail, color and emotion in the most surreal form that I could. So I had to think of a technique that could do all of this at once. HDR plus long shutters and bracketed images was the course to take. It was an arduous approach but it garnered the results that I was looking for. Shoots would last hours and the muse and I would have sore muscles the next day but it was well worth the labor to create the beautiful scenes that left my viewers in disbelief.

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