Perks of Propagating
Birds & Blooms|December 2021/January 2022
A step-by-step guide to multiplying your most prized succulents.
By Wendy Helfenbaum. Photographs by Gap photos and Steven_Kriemadies/Getty Images

Propagating succulents from stem or leaf cuttings is an easy way to share plants or expand your own collection, says Aaron Ryan, director of inventory at Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery in Petaluma, California. You can propagate succulents year-round, but it's easiest during warm, humid months. Follow Aaron's tips for growing succulents from stems or leaves.

1. Gather supplies

When it comes to tools, the most important thing is to sterilize them.Make sure you're not using dirty tools, because it's very easy to pass bacteria or viral infection from one plant to another,” Aaron says. Whether you use a bonsai knife, Japanese snips or clippers, clean your tools and wipe them with isopropyl alcohol before cutting. You'll also need clean pots, open flats or liner trays with drainage holes, and succulent potting soil.

2. Make the cut

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