Create a Wildlife Oasis
Birds & Blooms|February/March 2022
"10 easy ways to make your yard a better place for birds, bees, butterflies and more."
By Jane Moore


Chances are that your garden is part of a street or neighborhood with other gardens close by. These gardens all provide essential cover for wildlife large and small, allowing them to move through the area, feeding, breeding and creating homes and habitats for themselves and their offspring. Instead of regarding your garden as an individual space, think of it as part of a green corridor for local wildlife. Look at what is around you in the parks and gardens nearby-are there trees, shrubs and ponds, perhaps? Look at which plants are lacking but also which plants are attracting the birds and wildlife.


Planting for year-round interest is great for our gardens but even better for wildlife. Many native plant species are ideal for attracting creatures, but they don't necessarily have a long season of interest, as they have adapted to make the most of specific seasons. Choosing plants with flowering times outside of spring and summer means that your garden is a potential food source for early-season hatchlings and migrating wildlife. By planting a long season of flowering and seeding plants, you'll keep bumblebees and birds very happy.


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