Autumn Aplenty - Colourful Leaves And Beautiful Birds
Birds & Blooms|October/November 2019
Changing seasons bring cooler temperatures, colorful leaves and beautiful birds.

White-eyed vireos were in my area all summer, and I saw several of them in a wooded area I visit often. This one cooperated with me on a sunny morning—it moved out of the shadows and made itself visible so I could take a picture. The elusive birds are hard to find, but a treat to hear!

Liz Tabb


Some might think black-capped chickadees are boring birds, but I consider them a force of nature. They are persistent, and I find them smart and charming. This one landed on a branch as I was waiting for the perfect moment to try to capture its spunk.

Kaitlyn Grib


Last fall, I heard there would be a chance of seeing evening grosbeaks in our area. The previous time I saw one was six years earlier. Sure enough, these gorgeous creatures stopped by my feeder for several visits.

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