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African Birdlife|January/February 2022
August sees the greatest flurry of birds at our feeders.

To date we have recorded 53 different species in the garden, but seeing this pair of Burchell’s Coucals feeding on a suet ball, rather than preying on our nestling Laughing Doves or crushing open snails, was astonishing. GWENOLA LE GARREC-COOPER IRENE, GAUTENG

On a cold, cloudy day I was shelter-ing in the lounge when I spotted a Hamerkop at the garden pond. I grabbed my camera and sneaked outside. Voilà! A frog was caught and after a little softening up, down the hatch it went… MAGGIE MENDELSOHN PAULSHOF, JOHANNESBURG

Late one afternoon I heard a hornbill calling and after walking around the garden trying to locate the bird, I saw a pair of African Grey Hornbills in a tree. The female had a nestling in her bill and was bashing it on the branch, while the male perched nearby, watching. I managed to get a few pictures and then, very suddenly, a dove attacked the pair, driving them away. Perhaps it was the parent of the nestling taken so violently? DOUG CHARLTON OLIVEDALE, RANDBURG

For almost seven years I have lived in suburban Westville, near Durban, and during that time many different species of birds have visited the garden.

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