Anritsu Introduces Extended-K™ 43.5 GHz Connector Family
Electronics Maker |July 03, 2020
Expanded Frequency Coverage on K Connector Provides Price and Configuration Benefits in Variety of Emerging High-frequency Applications

Anritsu Company introduces theExtended-K™ family of connectors with mode-free and traceable performance up to 43.5 GHz. The new Extended-K family provides price andperformance benefits, along with guaranteed electrical specifications,high reliability, and environmental robustness in numeroushigh-frequency applications, including 5G backhaul, aerospace/defensesatellites, and millimeter wave (mmWave) body scanner designs. Fo rdesigns and configuration that do not require frequency coverage beyond43.5 GHz, the new flexible Extended-K connectors can serve as analternative to retooling a test set for 2.4 mm connectors.

[8]Performance of all Extended-K connectors is traceable to a nationalmetrology institute. Its mode-free performance to 43.5 GHz eliminatesthe possibility of incorrect measurement data at a resonance point. The connectors provide true parameter performance in the proposed frequency band with a 99% level of confidence. Rated to MIL-PRF-39012 and MIL-STD-202F, the Extended-K connectors maintain their high reliability and robustness in harsh environments.
Fully operational from DC to 43.5 GHz, the Extended-K connectors removeneedless costs associated with migrating from 2.92 mm to more expensivehigh-frequency connectors when operation past 43.5 GHz is not warranted.These new connectors can be used in a variety of applications, from component connectors to PCBs and test equipment.