NPS 500 a platform for autonomous vehicle
Telematics wire |February 25, 2021
Neural Propulsion Systems revolutionizes L4/L5 autonomous driving with zero accidents sensing platform
NPS 500 is an autonomous sensing platform that intelligently fuses and integrates LiDAR, Radar and Cameras that fulfills the Zero Accidents Vision.

Neural Propulsion Systems (NPS) emerged from stealth to launch NPS 500™, a platform for autonomous vehicles. NPS 500 is integrated multi-model sensor system focused on Level 4/5 autonomy.

The new sensor-fused system interconnects the NPS revolutionary solid-state MIMO LiDARTM, super-resolution SWAMTM radar and cameras to cooperatively detect and process 360° high-resolution data. The integrated sensor system enables vehicles to see around corners and over 500 meters of range with accuracy together with adaptive frame rate.

NPS 500 Product Details

The NPS precision-built, the multi-modal sensor system is the advance autonomous driving solution that addresses the physics-based limitations of each sensory system. The NPS 500 enhances and combines the strengths of LiDAR, radar, and cameras to create a platform that leverages the capabilities of each technology, while addressing challenges of Level 4/5 autonomy, including:

  • Cameras: Provide high resolution images, but lack depth information and depend on lighting conditions
  • Radar: Measure velocity with great precision, but have lower resolution than LiDAR and are vulnerable to interference from other radars
  • LiDAR: Provide super precision depth information, but its performance and reliability degrade in adversarial, weather and light conditions, and it can get occluded fairly easily

NPS 500 is the world’s first all-in-one deeply integrated multi-model sensor system focused on Level 4/5 autonomy.


  • LiDAR: Revolutionary new solid-state MIMO-LiDARTM architecture doubles range to ≥ 500 meters with super resolution and adaptive multi-beam search
  • Radar: New class of radar technology with 10X better detection reliability, simultaneous, multi-band 360° FoV, 70X better against other radar signal interference
  • Software: First ever AI fusion technology to “see-around-the-corner”
  • Chips: 650 Tb/s sensor-data processing on network of tightly connected custom signal processing chips


  • Range ≥ 500 meters @ 10% reflectivity
  • Doubling the reaction time currently available LiDAR
  • Significant increase in sensor data reliability
  • See-around-the-corner capabilities
  • Anticipating pedestrian’s movement well before reaching cross section
  • Detecting moving objects approaching intersections well in advance
  • Built-in redundancy for maximum reliability in harsh environments, bad driving and tough terrains
  • Low maintenance, automakers can efficiently rely on NPS sensors once the vehicles leave the dealership
  • Multi-beam adaptive scan up to 100 FPS to detect and track subtle movements
  • See thru occlusion
  • Reduced time to market
  • Cost effective
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX for OEM customers

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