BMW Motorrad launches F900R and F900XR in India
MotorScribes|July 02, 2020


BMW Motorrad has launched the F900R and F900XR in India. Both bikes promise an exhilarating ride experience yet despite their similarities, they also cater to two different types of buyers. For the purist, the F900R is the right choice as it is a dynamic roadster and those who seek to go on long adventures, they can opt for the F900XR adventure sports tourer.

Brought to India as CBUs, both bikes are available through the BMW Motorrad dealer network. Both bikes boast of an awe-inspiring level of performance that is bound to delight as they come powered by 4-stroke in-line two-cylinder engine that displaces 895cc and delivers 105 hp of power and 92 Nm of torque. The bikes can go from 0-100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds and can hit a top speed of 200 km/h!

Both motorcycles set a technological benchmark when it comes to their chassis and suspension set up. They come with a bridge frame that integrates the 2-cylinder engine as a load-bearing element and is made out of welded sheet steel parts. The front wheel control is accentuated by the upside-down telescopic fork, while the rear wheels gets a double-sided swinging arm with a central suspension strut. As far as riding the bikes is concerned, they both get multiple riding modes that alters throttle response, ABS and traction control in order to offer optimal grip while riding on varied surfaces. Add to that, both bikes benefit from high performance brakes that ensure you have maximum stopping power at all times.

Equipped with a ton of smart technology, the F900R and F900XR get a large TFT screen with BMW Motorrad connectivity as standard. The rider can access a plethora of information through this and connect their smartphone or BMW Motorrad Communication System equipped helmet to it.

BMW F 900 R is priced at INR 9.90 lakh, the F 900 XR retails at INR 10.5 lakh and the F 900 XR Pro sells for INR 11.50 lakh.