Kerala Startup Mission and Aries International Maritime Research Institute (AIMRI) Tie Up for Maiden Edition of Indywood Billionaires Club Startup Awards 2021
Indianweb2|January 21, 2021

AIMRI, in association with Kerala Startup Mission and Indywood Billionaires Club (IBC), has announced the maiden edition of Indywood Billionaires Club Startup Awards.

 The event will be a virtual award show scheduled for February 23rd, 2021.

Indywood Billionaires Club Startup Awards 2021 aims to recognize and provide business collaboration opportunities to outstanding startups that build innovative products and solutions. They must also have a high potential to generate wealth, employment, and demonstrate measurable social impact. Indywood Billionaires Club Startup Awards 2021 will incorporate a virtual award ceremony, panel discussions, and product presentation opportunities for organizations to present their concept. Besides offering organizations a chance to pitch their products in front of investors, AIMRI shall also open incubation possibilities for deserving projects.

Dr. Sohan Roy, Founder President of Indywood Billionaires Club, stated, "This is the first time we have initiated such a concept. As part of the 'Made in India' vision, our aim is to promote indigenous products and innovative concepts and have the potential to simplify lives globally. This unique initiative will be a golden opportunity for startup owners to showcase their brands and raise their brand value. This will also be a perfect platform for organizations to raise investments by promoting their winning products/concepts in the Indywood Billionaires Club circle. So, if you have a product/concept which you believe in, then this is the platform for you."

Some of the award categories include Innovative Startup of the Year, Technology-Based Startup of the Year, Art & Craft Startup of the Year, Digital Startup of the Year, Promising Startup of the Year, Mobility Startup of the Year, Energy Startup of the Year, Logistics Startup of the Year, Food & Beverage Startup of the Year, Healthcare Startup of the Year, Education Startup of the Year, retail Startup of the Year, Tourism & leisure Startup of the Year, Real Estate Startup of the Year, Social Impact Startup of the Year, E-Commerce (B2B) Startup of the Year, Rural Startup of the Year, Agricultural Startup of the Year, Women-led Startup of the Year, and Green Startup of the Year.

Preliminary Evaluation & Filtering will be conducted by the Research & Incubation Hub of the project – ARIES INTERNATIONAL MARITIME RESEARCH INSTITUTE (AIMRI). Initial Filtering of the registrations will be performed from February 01st, 2021 - February 05th. Detailed Evaluation from February 5th, 2021- February 12th, 2021, and Jury Evaluation will be conducted from February 13th, 2021 - February 20th, 2021. Virtual Event & Winner Announcements: February 23rd, 2021The Final Evaluation will be conducted by INDYWOOD BILLIONAIRES CLUB (IBC). The last date for nomination is January 31st, 2021.

To nominate your organization or to know more details visit: or contact +91 – 9539000509 (India), +971 – 566796096 (UAE) or email


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