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COVID-19 lockdown: Karnataka to give passes to 15 categories of staff, here's the full list

N R road in Bengaluru wore deserted look with lockdown

BENGALURU: Following instructions issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, a pass system will be put in place by Karnataka's Police Department to regulate the movement of people.

Two types of passes will be issued - one for persons and other for vehicles. The passes will be issued from the office of the jurisdictional DCP law and order and  made available 24/7 on the submission of a standardized application form, said a memo signed by Bhaskar Rao, Commissioner of Police.


Passes will be issued to the following categories of employees:

1) Private security guards
2) Petrol, Gas, LPG retail employees
3) Banks, ATM, insurance companies' employees
4) Delivery agents of food aggregator services, online pharmaceutical companies and ecommerce platforms
5) Print and electronic media
6) Staff working for ration, grocery, dairies, meat, fish and animal fodder shops
7) Staff of medical establishments such as hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, nursing homes, laboratories, ambulance services etc
8) Staff of telecom and Internet services
9) IT and IT enabled services employees which work for essential services
10) Employees of power generation, transmission and distribution units
11) Staff of capital and debt market services
12) Employees of cold storage and warehousing services
13) Staff working for manufacturing units of essential commodities
14) Staff engaged in transportation of essential goods
15) Staff of hotels and lodges which are accomodatng tourists stranded due to COVID-19 and earmarked for quarantine facilities