Man attacked wife and sister-in-law with iron rod, arrested
Newstracklive|July 03, 2020

Nowadays the cases of increasing crime are surprising for all. The case that has recently come up is from Lucknow. Where a man attacked his wife and sister-in-law with an iron rod. It is said that sister-in-law of the man died in this attack, while his wife has suffered serious injuries. The wife has been admitted to Balrampur Hospital for treatment.

There are reports that the police have arrested the man late last night. It has also been told that the whole incident took place in the flat and on this matter, sister-in-law Shamin called her brother-in-law incompetent. Angry to hear this, Irfan attacked her with an iron rod. During this, he also hit his wife Azrin, who came to the rescue. Police said that last Wednesday night, Irfan started demanding share and money in the flat and the fight started on this matter. After that, sister-in-law Shamin told her brother-in-law that 'he is of no use'. After hearing this, the brother-in-law got uprooted and attacked Shamin with an iron rod. During this time, when the wife came to save her, the husband also attacked her.

He then fled from there. The two women were rushed to Balrampur Hospital where Shamin died and Azrin had 25 stitches on her head. Irfan has been arrested by the police late in the night.

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