Ola launched bang feature to increase earnings of taxi drivers
Newstracklive|July 01, 2020

Ola, a giant in the field of taxi service, has started a global feature. In this, customers get the facility to express their gratitude to their driver who provides a safe and luxurious experience of the ride and give him some prizes on his behalf. With the help of this new 'tipping' feature of the Ola app, customers can give a tip on their behalf as a token of the driver's commitment and encouragement to give the best ride experience. This feature has been launched for Ola customers from India, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

After the relaxation of restrictions across the country, the drivers associated with Ola platform are ready to give a safe, clean and best ride. In addition to following a comprehensive safety protocol and sanitizing their car after every trip, drivers are beginning to take extra personal precautions to protect themselves and their families. In such a situation, customers will get an opportunity to reward the extra efforts of their drivers with the tipping feature of Ola app. Also, it will also be a contribution from the drivers in increasing their earnings. Customers can choose to tip drivers as they wish. This entire amount will go directly to the bank account of the drivers along with their regular earnings.

In his statement, Ola spokesperson Anand Subramanian says, "From the beginning of the epidemic, our driver-partners have worked hard to provide travel facilities to all the needy irrespective of their life challenges. Since its reinstatement, they have given themselves a comfortable travel experience while ensuring the safety of customers through their own efforts. With such superior services, we invite customers to join us in this difficult time by offering drivers Join us in the campaign to encourage and encourage them. This new feature will not only provide an additional opportunity for the drivers to earn extra revenue but will also show that a small incentive from the customers to drive our drivers forward Will inspire

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