Dominic Toppo give free hockey coaching to kids
Newstracklive|June 29, 2020

This person with a height of 25-30 years is Dominic Toppo. He is 67 years old. It is his passion to give free hockey coaching to the children for 4 hours every morning and evening, he goes from Rourkela to the village 40 km away by cycle. In order to raise children's sporting skills, he has mortgaged his 14 acres for just Rs 70 thousand. Now only 1 acre of land is left. He said, "The dream was to become a big player, but nobody told the way. Class 11 dropout. In those days, Sai's hostel was open in Panposh of Rourkela, seeing it, it was decided that such players should be prepared, who play for the country."

Today, Dominic prepare 139 children who played for state level, national and international level tournaments. Dominic says, "I go to meet the children who have gone ahead." Among them are famous players like Lilima Minj, Poonam Toppo, Sudeep Charamako. Dominic is currently teaching hockey to 60 boys and girls.

Dominic says that wife Isabella fell in love with him because of hockey. Before marriage, she used to bring money from her aunt for goods. After marriage, she passed away from illness. 

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