Know amazing benefits of crying
Newstracklive|June 13, 2020

In today's time, everyone wants good health. Everyone tries to keep their health best. It is often advised to laugh for good health but it is also true that there is great benefit from crying. Sometimes crying also has many benefits for health. Today we are going to tell you the benefits of crying.

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Mood Light - After crying many times, the mind becomes light and starts to feel good. A study done by scientists has revealed that through tears, the burden of the mind gets removed and the person feels lighter.

Negative energy away - When there is any pressure on the mind, there is a burden, then cry comes. If there are some negative thoughts in your heart, then you should stop crying because negative energy goes away from crying. When we cry, all the negative thoughts inside us go out with tears.

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Eyes are clean - Eyes also have to face dust and dirt and pollution. Many harmful elements start accumulating near the eyes, but when we cry, these elements also come out with tears. lysozyme in tears is anti-bacterial and anti-viral elements. When the tears come out, then their eyes become clear.

Moisture is maintained in the eyes - By not crying, the smoothness of the membrane of the eyes starts to decrease and this affects our eyesight. The tears coming out of the eyes maintain this smoothness. This keeps the eyes moist. We do not confirm all these things, you should consult doctors, scientists before accepting it.

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