Tomatoes cause these 4 health problems
Newstracklive|June 22, 2020

Tomatoes are full of vitamins, minerals, lycopene and antioxidants, people eat it in many ways. People like to eat it as raw salad, by making soups, by making vegetable, sauce, chutney and many other ways. Now today we are going to tell you that those who have problems with bleeding should avoid tomatoes. Eating more tomatoes can cause these 4 diseases, which we are going to tell you today.

Digestion and gas problems - It is said that eating more tomatoes produces gastric acid, due to which acid reflux and chest irritation is felt. If you are also troubled by digestive problems, then stop eating tomatoes. People who are suffering from gastroesophageal reflux should also reduce tomato intake.

Kidney problem - Patients suffering from kidney problem should also stay away from tomatoes. Indeed, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, tomatoes are high in potassium, so patients suffering from chronic kidney disease should not consume it.

Pain in the joint - It is said that people suffering from joint pain and inflammation should not consume tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in alkaline substances, which can increase joint pain. Along with this, an element called solanine is found in it, which produces calcium in the tissues of the body, this increases joint pain and swelling problems.

Skin allergy - Excessive consumption of tomatoes can cause a skin problem called lycopenodermia.  lycopenodermia occurs to any person when the amount of lycopene in his body is high. A person should not consume more than 75 milligrams of lycopene throughout the day and in addition to excessive consumption of tomatoes, body rashes occur.

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