These are 5 major health benefits of yoga, Know here
Newstracklive|June 17, 2020

International Yoga Day is coming every year. This day is celebrated on 21 June. Yoga is considered very important for a healthy life. Why are there not so many benefits of yoga? Yoga also helps in fighting diseases like sugar, constipation. Yoga and meditation are considered essential for peace of mind and better health. Often people think that yoga is done only to make the body flexible, but it is not so. Rather, there are many asanas of yoga, which have many benefits. With the help of yoga, you can remain young and healthy throughout your life. Today we are going to tell you the benefits of yoga.

5 benefits of yoga

1. Mind will remain calm: It is said that yoga helps in the exercise of muscles, but medical researches have proved that yoga is a boon both physically and mentally. Stress is relieved by yoga and sleep is good, hunger feels good, not only that digestion is also right.

2. Exercise of body and mind: By doing yoga, along with the body, mind and soul remain healthy.

3. Runaway diseases: By practicing yoga, you can also get rid of diseases. Yoga increases the power to fight diseases. It is said that yoga makes the body healthy and healthy.

4. Weight control: Yoga strengthens muscles and makes the body fit. Not only this, yoga can also reduce body fat.

5. Control blood sugar level: Few people know that with yoga you control your blood sugar level as well and the increased blood sugar level decreases. Yoga is very beneficial for diabetes patients.

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