Know the amazing health benefits of Amla
Newstracklive|June 16, 2020

Vitamin-C is needed to maintain good health of all of us. In such a situation, amla, rich in vitamin C, is not only beneficial for eyes, hair and skin, but it has many other benefits which we are going to tell you today. Let's know.

* Actually, Amla is very useful for diabetes patients. On the other hand, if the victim consumes amla juice with honey daily, then the disease gets relief.

* Let everyone tell you that amla is very beneficial in case of acidity problem. In fact, amla powder, mixed with sugar, eating or drinking in water provides relief from acidity. With this, drinking Amla juice helps to get rid of all stomach problems.

* You may not know that amla proves to be an effective remedy in the problem of stones. In fact, after getting stones, dry the gooseberry for 40 days and make its powder, and eat that powder mixed with radish juice daily and eat it. By doing this, the stones will melt in a few days.

* If there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood, taking amla juice daily is very beneficial. Actually, it helps in the formation of red blood cells in the body, and does not allow blood loss.

* Let us tell you that amla nectar is the same for the eyes, it helps in increasing the light of the eyes. For this, you have to eat one teaspoon of amla powder with honey every day.

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