Know symptoms of sex addiction
Newstracklive|July 02, 2020

Sex addiction is called "hypersexuality" or "hypersexuality disorder" in medical parlance. In this, the person always conceives of sex or conducts sexual behavior. It is very difficult for the patient to control these fantasies or behavior, due to which he starts having many problems, such as negative effects in health, jobs, relationships, and life.

Sex addiction can involve many types of sexual activity. Activities like masturbation, sex with more than one person, reading pornography and having sex with money, etc. are part of sex addiction.

Sexual behavior or habits are called sex addiction when these habits, which become a big part of your life, start getting out of your control. Depending on the severity of the problem, you should be further told about the symptoms of sex addiction.

Symptoms of sex addiction - Psychologically, sex addiction is similar to smoking and alcohol addiction, in which a particular part of the brain functions. People with sex addiction also become addicted to many other sexual activities. This situation is difficult to detect. In this, one starts liking sexual activity more than getting sexual satisfaction. The person's attention becomes focused on the activity at the content place.

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