'Christopher Nolan doesn't allow chair on sets': Anne Hathaway
Newstracklive|July 03, 2020

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has made several revelations about filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Actress Anne says Hollywood filmmaker Christopher Nolan does not allow a chair on the set because he believes that if people are sitting, that means they are not working. Actress Hathaway appeared in Christopher's film 'The Dark Night Rises'. It was released in 2012.

In a magazine interview, Anne said, "He does not allow to have a chair on the set and the reason behind it is that if there is a chair, people will sit on it and if they sit, they will not work." He has given many excellent films on opportunity, ambition, technical ability and emotions.

"The actress further said that till the end of the shooting, work is done by staying within the budget and shooting is also completed within a fixed schedule. I think all this is due to his concept of the chair."

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