Silver shines brighter than gold, know today's rates
Newstracklive|July 16, 2020

The trade of silver has increased as industrial activities return to the backstage amid the ever-increasing havoc of the global pandemic Coronavirus. The price of silver in the domestic futures market again reached a new high of seven years on Thursday. Silver has started to shine slightly more than gold due to expectations of increasing industrial demand.

Bullion market experts say that at this time investors are more inclined towards silver than gold. The price of silver in India is running above Rs 53,000 per kg after 2013, while the price of gold is currently running at Rs 49,000 per 10 grams. Silver is above $ 19 an ounce in the global market while gold is trading above $ 1800 an ounce.

Commodity market experts say that the ratio of gold and silver prices are decreasing again, which indicates that there is an increasing trend towards investors instead of gold. Gold and silver prices have increased in domestic and global markets with increased investment demand for expensive metals during the Corona period and now the gradual lockdown in the world has led to the return of industrial activity back to trade in silver. The ratio will increase further.

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