Mechanifyspares in Haryana is a B2B market startup based on Hiveloop, founded by Mr. Viren Thakur and Ujjwal Seth
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Mechanifyspares in Haryana is a B2B market startup based on Hiveloop, founded by Mr. Viren Thakur and Ujjwal Seth.

In 2021, The company's business model helps manufacturers engage directly with retailers rather than third-party dealers, which helps both manufacturers and retailers reduce at least a certain percentage of commission with many classified products to sell on their seamless platform.

According to recent reports, the Mechanifyspares business model has helped the company, so far, the category available in the market is fuel-efficient two-wheeler. The market is valued at 56 Billion USD.

Mechanifyspares is a B2B marketplace where manufacturers and wholesalers can easily sell their products to retailers using an online platform or website like any other e-commerce application. However, the difference is that the Mechanifyspares site combines manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in one frame.

Mechanifyspares specializes in all types of fuel-efficient two-wheelers. The vision of the founders is to organize the unorganized two wheeler spares industry using propriety technology and outstanding supply chain. As the two wheeler industry is switching towards the Electric, the founder’s major focus is towards the EV spares as well. At Mechanifyspares, we are always concerned that our customers will not be harmed as a result of poor customer service. Our main policy is to contact customers as soon as possible. We understand the value of time and the urgency with which things should be completed. Mechanifyspares only requires online booking, and the product will be delivered to your location in few hours.

Gives mechanics to future goals

All types of two-wheeler spare parts are available under one roof. We understand the difficulties that two-wheeler owners face in this rapidly changing age, and we are here to help. Because we will come through you, you will not need to look anywhere else. Mechanifyspares helps you provide products without commission and at a reasonable price.

How can Mechanify Spares guarantee OEM / OES quality at such a low price?

Mechanized Spares Direct adheres to product procurement policy. Under this, we purchase spare parts directly from the manufacturers and store them in our in-house inventories. We can save a lot as a result of our self-claimed inventories and integration, and we offer our customers the benefits of choice by offering spare parts at the best cost.

Top OEM Brands

Honda / Mahindra / TVS / Bajaj / Hero Moto Crop / Yamaha / Java / Suzuki / April / Vespa / Royallenfield

Top OES / Aftermarket Brands

Chawla / NGK / Ask / A-Star / 2 Akshar / Spare India / Minda / Bosch / Park England / Rolan

Why choose Mechanifyspares for your two-wheeler?

1. 100% genuine OE / aftermarket spares

2. Pan-India Sourcing Network

3. Upfront and competitive price

4. Last-mile logistics solutions

• We support customers via WhatsApp / Email.

The products are 100% genuine.

Products are sanitized to prevent infection.

Hot deals are always there.

Mechanifyspares always focuses on the asset-light-based business model. This means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional.

If you are a retailer and buy your goods from a wholesaler, it is possible that the wholesaler will bring a customer for you. Still, the company helps businesses find customers, suppliers, and the king of business who are ‘productive’ in all categories, then combine them all to get the best deal.

Mechanifyspares always focuses on logistics and secure payment features that boost the confidence of its customers.

The company also offers accounting, order management, and payment management solutions to merchants on their platform.

The company's promoters found that working capital lending was a major headache for ultimate retailers. Retailers borrow from local lenders who charge high-interest rates, which is why the company provides working capital to its customers as a loan. It has also obtained a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) license to lend to SMEs. Also, they offer microloans to start small retailers.

Who are the founders of Mechanifyspares?

Mechanifyspares was founded by Mr. Viren Thakur and Ujjwal Seth.


Email -

Phone- +919667937517

Address - 771 Sector 39, Gurugram Haryana.

Website -

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