App developers will now have to pay 30 percent of their earnings to Google Play Store
Newstracklive|September 30, 2020

Google is emphasizing reform in its revenue model . On Tuesday, Google said that those apps present on the Google Play store should use the Google Pay billing system, which is selling digital content through its app. As Google believes, these apps should give some part of their earnings to the Google Play store.

At present there are many apps on the Google Play store that are earning by selling digital content. But even after that, they are using the Google Play store for free. Google's statement comes at a time when the Paytm app was recently banned from the Google Play store for a few hours. Google said that Google Play's billing system is present for app purchases which has been clear more than before on behalf of the company, so that the app selling digital content can be brought into payment mode.

The app developers may have to use the Google billing payment system from September 2021. This means that app developers may have to pay 30 per cent of their earnings to the Google Play store. At present, there are more than 2 billion monthly active subscribers on Google Play of app developers. Such apps will be required to be connected to the Google Pay billing system. For this, app developers have been given time till 30th September 2021 on behalf of the company. However, both Google and Apple have been alleging on behalf of app developers that more fees are charged on their behalf. 

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