Sunil Gavaskar says "I still don't know why I was removed as Captain"
Newstracklive|July 01, 2020

Former captain of Team India and one of the world's greatest openers shared his pain for the first time after four decades. He said that he did not understand till today why he was removed from the captaincy despite defeating the then great team West Indies in the home Test series in 1978-79. This was the period when the West Indies was the toughest in cricket and it was a big thing for any team to beat the West Indies. The West Indies team came to India for a six-Test series in 1978–79. The captaincy of India was handled by Sunil Gavaskar in this series. India took a 1-0 lead in this six-match Test series. Not only this, for Gavaskar this series was also very spectacular. He also scored more than 700 runs in this series. Despite this, they took the captaincy from Gavaskar after the series. Venkataraghavan was made the captain of the team.

Gavaskar revealed that he does not yet know the reason for this. However, he also said that he was ready to join the Carrie Packer World Series cricket at that time. For this reason, he was probably removed. Gavaskar also told that before selection he had to sign an agreement with the BCCI for whom he was loyal. At that time Carrie Packer brought a storm in world cricket. Rebel players from each team joined the Packer's World Series. Due to this, the balance of every team was shaken. The West Indies too suffered a setback. There was talk of Sunil Gavaskar leaving India. Although no Indian player went with Packer.

Gavaskar told that he was adamant in front of the selectors to keep Bishan Singh Bedi in the team. The selection committee had decided that he would remove Bedi after the Pakistan series flopped in three matches. After that series, Gavaskar was made the captain in place of Bedi. In the same series, the selection committee wanted to remove Bedi. He said that Bedi is still the best left-arm spinner in the country and hence he should be given a chance in the first Test match.

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