Patwari caught red-handed taking bribe of 7000 rupees from farmer
Newstracklive|July 03, 2020

Ujjain: A case of bribe has emerged from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. In fact, on Friday, the Lokayukta police caught patwari red-handed taking a bribe of seven thousand rupees. According to the information received, Patwari had demanded a bribe of Rs 10,000 from a farmer in Tajpur in the name of issuing the order to file the record after the land was converted. After this, the farmer complained to the Lokayukta. The deal between Patwari and Faridi was fixed for Rs 7000, on Friday, the Lokayukta team had made plans to trap Patwari, after which the complainant informed that Patwari Inder Singh Kachhwaha is near Simhastha fair office.

On this, Lokayukta inspector Rajendra Verma asked the immediate complaint to give money to Antar Singh Chauhan. Meanwhile, the Lokayukta team also reached the spot. As soon as the farmer paid Rs 7000 to Patwari Inder Singh. The constable standing nearby gave a voice to the team and said that the work is done and the Lokayukta caught Patwari red-handed. In this regard, Lokayukta Inspector Rajendra Verma said that Amar Singh Chauhan, resident of Tajpur, had purchased the land a few days ago, which had also been converted, but in the name of issuing an order to record in the record, light number 47 Patwari Inder Singh of Tajpur Kachhwa has demanded Rs 10,000. Frustrated with this, the farmer complained to the Lokayukta.

The Lokayukta gave a recorder to farmer Amar Singh and asked him to record the conversation between the two. After this, the amount of bribe between Patwari and farmer was fixed at 7000. It was decided to give money on Friday, but the place was not fixed. The Lokayukta team had made a plan on Friday morning where to trap Patwari. Earlier, the complainant Amar Singh informed the Lokayukta that Patwari Inder Singh Kachhwaha is seen standing near the CS fair office. After this, the Rakshak Rajendra Verma told the farmer that he stayed for some time and after the team arrived, give the rupee to Patwari there. As soon as the team arrived, the farmer gave the money to Patwari. Meanwhile, the constable standing at a distance away, gave a voice to the team and said that the work is done and come to the team and caught Patwari red-handed.

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