Assam: Corona cases nearing to 2 Lakh
Newstracklive|September 30, 2020

Corona cases are surging in Assam daily. State Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has informed that 3,592 more people have been tested positive for Coronavirus taking the total number of cases to 177221. Assam now has 177221; positive cases, 32539 active cases.

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I am so proud that second day in a row, our teams carried out an incredibly 1 lakh plus tests. I admire their tenacity and commitment.
3592 COVID cases detected out of 134570 tests.positivity rate-2.67%

Total cases 177221
Recovered 142297
Active cases 34241

8 PM,Sept 29

— Himanta Biswa Sarma (@himantabiswa) September 29, 2020

“We are trying to assess the actual extent of the spread of Covid in Assam right now. If we do not ascertain that now and adequate steps are not taken, by the time Durga Puja comes (in October), the situation could be bad,” Lakshmanan S, Assam’s Mission Director of the National Health Mission, told a leading daily. Lakshmanan also stated that the positivity rate was “very high” among patients turning up at hospitals with symptoms while it was comparatively lower in the community.

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“The reality is somewhere between these two extremes and we are trying to find out exactly what the situation is. Even a serosurvey study would not be the best fit for this purpose hence, testing extensively, like this, is our best bet,” he said, calculating that it might not be a foolproof method but still the best. In Kamrup (Metro) district, which covers the state capital Guwahati, 90 CSCCs have been opened where people can come and get tested, in addition to the various government hospitals. “In every way possible, including through ads in TV channels and newspapers, we are requesting more and more people to come and get tested,” Lakshmanan said.

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