Free fast-paced kovid test was conducted in Hyderabad
Newstracklive|September 30, 2020

Corona cases in Hyderabad are coming at a fast pace, but now cases are slowing down. Now, bharat raksha manch, love for cow foundation, and income tax department, Hyderabad, conducted free fast-paced kovid-19 tests on Tuesday with the higher phc.

We will share briefly for your information, says Additional Commissioner of Income Tax Agv Prasad that everyone should get a quick checkup, "There is no harm in the test. It is good for us and for the benefit of our family and friends as well. "The team examined about 120 people for the first day of the Covid-19, and the camp will take place for the next two days.

However, according to reporting, the corona infected state recovery rate has increased and the corona will also increase bittesting simultaneously. As a result, the number of new active cases will be constantly reduced. During this time, free covid test helps those who need and test. It is also effective in its efforts to fight this epidemic.

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