PM Modi roars on 'border', "You have shown them what is India's strength"
Newstracklive|July 03, 2020

Leh: PM Narendra Modi is addressing the soldiers of the Indian Army in Nimu of Ladakh. During this, PM Modi told the soldiers that "Your courage, your dedication to protect Shaurya and Ma Bharti's honour is incomparable. Your living is also not less than anyone in life. In the difficult circumstances, no one in the whole world can compete against the height at which you protect and serve the country as a shield".

PM Modi said that "Your courage is higher than the height where you are posted. Your determination is even stricter than the valley you measure daily with your steps. Your arms are as strong as the rocks that surround you. Your will power is unwavering like the surrounding mountains. When the defence of the country is in your hands, in your strong intentions, it is not only me but the entire nation who has an unwavering faith and the country is relaxed too. Now you and your comrades have shown bravery, they have given this message in the whole world what is India's strength".

Paying tribute to the soldiers who were martyred in the skirmish in Galwan, PM Modi said, "I again pay tribute to the soldiers who were martyred in the Galwan Valley today. their might, from their battle cry, the earth is still cheering them. Today, every countryman's head bows respectfully in front of you people. Today, every Indian's chest is puffed up by your bravery and valour."

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