Between 2013 and June 2020 49 children have gone missing from Ashok Nagar
Newstracklive|July 03, 2020

Ashoknagar: The news of the disappearance of minor boys and girls in the country keeps on coming day by day. On the other hand, there are many cases of disappearance of minor girls from Ashoknagar in Madhya Pradesh every year, but in these cases, there are many girls who are under 18 years of age due to various police stations in the district. Cases of kidnapping are registered. But they have not been known till date. A special campaign is being launched in the district in the month of July to locate such children. Instructions have been given to the police of all the police stations of the district that all the information of all the children who have gone missing so far should be collected. However, since 2013, there are 49 children who have not been detected to date.

In this regard, Superintendent of Police Raghuvansh Bhadoria told that 6 cases under Pipparai police station, 5 cases under Mungavali police station, 3 cases under Nayasarai police station, 5 cases under rural police station, 2 cases under Shahadora police station, in different police stations of the district. There are 9 cases under Isagarh police station, 5 cases under Bahadurpur police station, one case under Kadavaya, 5 cases under Kotwali, one case under Sehrai, 3 cases under Kachnar, 4 cases under Chanderi police station.

There are 49 boys and girls who are missing. 35 boys and 55 girls have gone missing in 2015, followed by 27 boys and 77 girls in 2016. Then in 2017, 33 boys and 69 girls went missing. In 2018, 24 boys and 103 girls have gone missing. In 2019, 29 boys and 84 girls have gone missing and so far in 2010, 10 boys and 49 girls have gone missing.

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