Goa: Recorded corona cases reported in one day, total cases reach 1387
Newstracklive|July 03, 2020

Corona infection has set a new record in Goa. There have been many cases of viruses in a single day. The number of these positive patients is reported to be around 95. According to the Health Ministry data, the active number of active people in the state has reached 744. The total number of 1,387 infected people has reached in the state, while the death toll has reached 4.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Health, on Thursday, 64 people have recovered and returned. Most cases in Goa are found in South Goa. Apart from this, some cases are related to Mangor hill. From where 461 cases have been reported so far. According to the bulletin, there are 34 positive cases in Sunclim, the constituency of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. The number of corona infected in the country has reached 6, 25, 862, while the number of people who have died has reached beyond 18 thousand. The state of Maharashtra in the country is most affected by this virus. Here, the number of infected people has crossed 1 lakh. Not only India, but the whole world also suffers from this virus. The number of infected people in the whole world has crossed 10 million. America is the first country in the whole world, which is currently the most affected. After this, countries like Brazil, Russia, India are the worst affected.

Coronavirus was spread all over the world from China. Whose effective medicine has not been found yet. Every country has been engaged in the search for a vaccine for a long time. In such a situation, all countries are fighting this virus at their level. To prevent this, many countries also put lockdowns on themselves. After this, people faced a lot of problems. To improve the situation of such a country, we had to put a lockdown here.

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