Laddakh will celebrate Eid between Corona crisis and lockdown today

Leh: Eid will be celebrated on Saturday in Ladakh in the union territory separated from Jammu and Kashmir. Moon is seen in Ladakh, Kargil area on Friday. Therefore, on 23 May, the festival of Eidul Fitr will be celebrated in Ladakh. This time, Eid will be celebrated all over the country amid Corona epidemic, in which people will have to celebrate the festival by following social distancing.

The Modi government has extended the lockdown imposed till May 31 to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, religious places will remain closed throughout the country and all public events will be banned. Meanwhile, the festival of Eid has arrived. So this time Eid will be considered in lockdown. During this time no one will be allowed to congregate in Idgah or Mosque. During the fourth phase of the lockdown, apart from religious places, gyms, swimming pools, schools, colleges, restaurants, hotels, cinema halls and malls will remain closed. However, schools and colleges will be allowed to study online.

Restrictions on railway, metro, domestic and foreign flights will also continue. This time many discounts have been given in the lockdown, but conditions have been imposed with those discounts. With this, it has been decided to create five zones in the country regarding Corona.

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