Tragic accident: Bus overturns in Prayagraj, 25 workers injured

Prayagraj: A bus carrying laborers in Prayagraj of Uttar Pradesh became the victim of an accident. More than two dozen workers were injured in this incident. All the injured have been admitted to the SRN Hospital. This bus was going from Jaipur to West Bengal. The bus fell down the highway near Sahavpur in Savarnawab Ganj. It is being told that the accident has occurred due to sleeplessness of the driver.

Earlier this morning, two migrant workers were killed in an accident in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. A pickup van filled with migrant workers collided with an electric pole. After which the van overturned and two workers were killed. After the lockdown implemented in the country from 25 March, the migrant workers had to face a lot of difficulties.

The laborers remained stranded at many places, after which they started walking towards the house on foot. In some places, when the workers were seen walking, in some places they left for home by bicycle. Some are going towards their destination even after riding on bus and truck. These workers going towards their homes are also falling victim to accidents.

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