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From Macao, With Love, Romance And Some Business

Long known as the ‘Vegas of China’, Macao has come into its own, offering a perfect blend of luxury, entertainment, world-class hospitality and bigger business capabilities. World’s leading luxury hotels have played a key role in this image makeover, notably Sands Resorts China, which boasts of seven lavish properties on the Cotai Strip and two of their most iconic properties The Parisian Macao and The Venetain Macao.

India Outbound

Is Artificial Intelligence A Threat To Humanity In The Future?

The future has a lot of different potentials. In movies like Ex Machina and Transcendence, what we really see is anthropomorphic interpretations of AI having human qualities. A lot of things need to be clarified first. To start with, what we see in sci-fi movies is simply fiction. Secondly, AI is simply a software. Why would a software have human qualities and emotions?


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