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Business Traveller India Magazine is a monthly magazine published by Panacea Publishing Pte Ltd. It is a leading business travel magazine in India, providing readers with information and advice on all aspects of business travel, including: * Flight reviews: Business Traveller India features in-depth reviews of airlines and their business class cabins. * Airport reviews: The magazine also reviews airports and their lounges. * Hotel reviews: Business Traveller India reviews hotels from around the world, with a focus on business-friendly hotels. * Business travel tips: The magazine provides readers with tips on everything from booking flights and hotels to packing for business trips. * Business travel news and trends: Business Traveller India covers the latest business travel news and trends from India and around the world. If you're a business traveler, then Business Traveller India Magazine is the perfect resource for you. Subscribe today and start your journey to a more informed and enjoyable business travel experience.