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亞洲設計界權威《美好家居》秉持著過去40 年來的專業經驗,一直把「家」視為生活中的核心價值,致力為世界各地的居家空間帶來國際性視野與人文關懷。 我們以中、英文雙語的精萃文字、極富美感的編排,為屋主、創意家們提供設計靈感,更將每個空間背後的規劃理念與精神做出最完美的詮釋與呈現。 《美好家居》從獨特的視角切入,涉及藝術、文化、飲食和旅遊等領域,再轉化成美化生活環境的元素,並期許成為專業人士、頂尖設計師和品味家分享美好經驗的專屬媒介與平台。 With 40 years of design authority in Asia, Home Journal places the home at the heart of life, bringing a global outlook and a human touch to personality centered abodes around in the world. Uncovering the stories of the people behind these spaces, we serve as inspiration and a design authority for homeowners and creatives alike, via tightly curated English and Chinese editorials. Falling into our purview are all the elements of the lifestyle that such homes instill. From art and culture, to food and travel, Home Journal makes these elements accessible in our unique perspective, while serving as a platform for design experts, professionals and tastemakers to share their experiences.