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Cricket is passion, Cricket is love, Cricket is fun, Cricket is mania, Cricket is everything! The game of Cricket has its followers all over India. In fact, the game is treated as a religion & Cricketers as Demigods! What Does The Weekly Have? From news, views, reviews and interviews to anything and everything related to Cricket, Inside Cricket will try to explore and bring forward all facets of Cricket. Inside Cricket will bring to you all the latest developments from Cricketing world. Inside Cricket weekly magazine will provide you with coaching aspects, skills, fitness, nutrition and scouting tips from the experts to enhance your knowhow and nurture a cricketing culture within you. With special inside stories from cricket lovers across India and World, Inside Cricket will be the ultimate cricketing guide for all cricketing lovers. Inside Cricket is specially launched for promoting the players associated with Maharashtra Cricket Association. Despite quality game and pure passion for the game they lack behind in publicity. Inside Cricket will aim on bringing the Maharashtra players into limelight.