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EQUITY BUSINESS DAILY is the daily e-paper for the market updates and trends . It educates people about the stock market and market changes and stocks movements for the day and share information ,details which includes the NIFTY ,SENSEX , as well as special notes on the various Sectors of the market sand its updates. EQUITY BUSINESS DAILY provides the stocks based on the quality checks and the performance based on the technical analysis as well as the fundamental analysis which helps the users to know which stock to buy sell or hold. The calls or recommendations are given based on the analysis which can give the best output results and beneficial to the users. The premium calls are given for intraday , short term , long term . A detail note is been given when to buy where to buy and where to sell and what price to sell . This helps the subscribers to gain profit while cutting off the wrong decisions taken up while trading . Make the best use of the EQUITY BUSINESS DAILY with proper guide to stay positive at market when it is volatile and negative. Cut down the risk with a subscription of EQUITY BUSINESS DAILY.