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THE LIVING LEGACY Wine & Dine’s credible editorial has been the cornerstone of making the publication the definitive magazine for gourmands for the past 32 years. In its latest reiteration, the magazine is a bi-monthly amalgamation of well-researched, long-form articles on food culture and how what we eat continues to shape the world we know. Each issue takes on a universal theme that is a reflection of the current climate of the F&B industry and beyond, and includes interviews with the chefs and vintners you should be keeping an eye out for. It's published alongside the magazine's website——where you'll find the latest news from the region and abroad. Being a gourmand means we appreciate good food no matter where it comes from; expect to see Michelin-starred restaurants of international acclaim featured alongside veterans of traditional food and a new generation of chefs dabbling in experimental, genre-defying cuisine.