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Cricket Today Magazine is a monthly magazine published by Diamond Magazines Pvt. Ltd in India. It is a leading cricket magazine in India, providing readers with in-depth coverage of all aspects of the game, including: * Match coverage: Cricket Today covers all major international and domestic cricket matches in detail, with analysis from leading experts. * Player profiles and interviews: The magazine profiles leading cricketers from around the world and interviews them to get their insights on the game. * Cricket history and culture: Cricket Today also covers the history and culture of cricket, with articles on topics such as legendary cricketers, iconic cricket moments, and the impact of cricket on society. * Cricket analysis and commentary: The magazine features analysis and commentary from leading cricket experts on a variety of topics, such as tactics, techniques, and the state of the game. * Cricket photography: Cricket Today is known for its stunning photography, which captures the beauty and excitement of the game. Cricket Today Magazine is a valuable resource for any cricket fan. Subscribe today!